The Girl from Ipanema

Ipanema is a small seaside town in the south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For the song history and some of the original renditions, you’ll can check this link out:

before this, I had only heard the legendary Frank Sinatra’s version and wasn’t at all aware of how well received the song was. Not too surprising considering what a true pleasure it is. As mentioned “The Girl From Ipanema” went on to become the second-most recorded popular song in history, behind “Yesterday” by The Beatles. The other versions that I have come across are by Nat King Cole and Amy Winehouse (this one I particularly don’t like. I like her, just not this particular song)

Here is Sinatra’s version (my personal favourite):

The picture painted by the poet is so vivid and so easy to imagine, absolutely love it!

Some part of it following the English in Sinatra’s version is Portuguese, which are the same English lines, only in Portuguese to retain the authenticity!


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